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Another Exciting Day out with Thomas

This year we had the pleasure of taking Lexi to go see Thomas the Tank Engine again in California. Last year it was just Grandma, Grandpa, Lexi and I that got to go see the little blue engine. This year it was Grandma, Dawn, Lexi and I. Poor Grandpa had to work and missed out.

The setup was exactly the same as last year. We arrived early enough to go to a couple of the events they had scattered around the museum. The first thing that Lexi enjoyed was the hay bale maze. She really enjoyed it last year, but it seems that she had even more fun with it this year. I think she enjoyed it more because she was a little more confident on her feet, and was able to walk, run, and jump however she wanted without restriction or fear of falling. Here is a good shot of her rounding one of the corners.

(click to view larger)

Here we are with a shot of Lexi riding in one of the coach cars being pulled by Thomas. She was so excited to see Thomas again after a year. Earlier I had been worried that she wouldn’t be as interested in seeing Thomas as she was the year before. Thankfully I was wrong and she really enjoyed herself.

(click to view larger)

When we were done with our train ride we went to one of the tents that was setup for face painting. As we were standing in line Lexi started doing rings around the group of us. It was funny watching her run around the three adults just being goofy. So I powered up my camera and pointed it at her. She immediately started laughing and started going in the opposite direction the camera was pointing. Before I knew it we were playing a game like the camera was trying to get her. Well as I was moving the camera all around ‘chasing’ her I sapped few pictures. After a little editing and massaging here is the result.

(click to view larger)

After our face painting session, we did a little shopping at the shop they had setup. We purchased a couple items, and made our way towards the exit. Along the way we came across a couple bounce stations that had been setup for the children. Of course we had to stop and Lexi take a couple turns bouncing off all that extra energy she had all pent up. Once she was done bouncing I snapped this picture as we were putting her shoes back on. Again I did a little editing and this is what I came up with.

(click to view larger)

With all the adults, and the kiddo, thoroughly wiped out we headed for the car and eventually home.

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