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Spring Break 2018, Day 8

Had to make a stop for breakfast before we continue the LONG drive home. While eating I asked everyone to come up with a unique quote for the trip. Here are the results.

Dionna: “Eesha looks like Satan.” When Alysha was laughing while we were all gathered around the fire. The shadows from the fire combined with her hoodie definitely made her look creepy.

Lexi: “Why the f*** are we in Oregon?” When we crossed into Oregon along I-5 on Sunday. Lexi didn’t realize we had to go so far north before dropping back into California.

Jason: “I’m going to take a picture of every banana slug we find.” During our hike along Walker Road on Thursday. We heard it a total of 10 times.

Alysha: “Hey it’s not fair you’re in a corner.” Lexi and Alysha were using the bathroom and spotted what they thought was a spider. Once they realized it was a moth Alysha went on the attack throwing toilet paper rolls. The moth smartly retreated to a corner which caused this outburst.

Everyone hanging out getting ready to devour their first “real” breakfast in a week. Gotta get them filled up before the long drive.
J ordered the “Full Cinnamon Roll”. When it arrived it left us all speechless.
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