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Busy and Exciting Weekend

Well it donned on me the other day that I really need to try to work more on my MySpace stuff. I logged in and found several unread messages awaiting me, one from a previously unknown step-sister and another from an old friend in high school.

Adding to this epiphany is the fact I regularly send email updates to my family regarding little one and I. So it occurred to me why don’t I place these things into a blog. I went on to realize, duh, you already have one.

So here I am trying to make an effort. I don’t know how much longer I am going to be posting on MySpace however as it appears to be limited in the number of pictures you are allowed to have online at any one time. The problem with this being that I am always taking pictures of Lexi and sending them via email to my family and I would love to have the ability to just post to a blog and have that send out to everyone automatically. Maybe that is a change I will make at a later date and time.

Now on to the weekend. Looks like Balloona Palooza is going to start today @ 5:00 in North Las Vegas. They are scheduled to do a balloon glow this evening at 7:00. I am going to get Lexi and we are going to head out there and have some fun!!

Then tomorrow morning they are going to be having a mass ascension along with a pancake breakfast presented by the Elk’s lodge. Going to take the camera and am going to take a ton of pictures!! I am sure that Lexi is going to have a blast.

Today I received an email about a car show going on in Henderson this weekend as well. I think that after we do the balloon thing tomorrow morning I will drag her out there to take a look around. Hey if it is better then the car show that is normally put on in Lovington, NM then I will be happy. I am sure though that it will be nothing compared to Route 66 down in San Bernardino!!

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