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Bad Weekend

I had the wonderful opportunity to experience something completely new this weekend. My car was stolen!!

I last saw my car when I got home from work on Friday, 6/2, and put the car to bed and got myself ready for a nice weekend. You see a normal weekend for me is doing nothing but hanging around the house with little one. Well on Sunday morning I needed to go to the store to get little one some milk for breakfast and other stuff. Well I got her all ready and got ready to go. I go out to where the car is supposed to be and it is gone!! I made a complete double take thinking that I was seeing things and that I was just looking in the wrong place. But no it was gone.

So I promptly call the police and report it stolen. Call the insurance. Of course I ask the insurance guy if he knows anything about a rental car and he has absolutely no clue. Then again no surprise as it is a Sunday and nothing is open. So after getting all this taken car of I walk the couple blocks to the grocery store to get a gallon.

So first thing Monday morning I am on the phone to Hertz to get a rental car. If anyone is reading this as far as I am concerned they may be a little more expensive but the are now my favorite. I was lucky in the fact that they had a child’s seat that I could rent with the car as my was in the car when it was stolen. Additionally they came and picked me up with the car seat in the car. So yeah Enterprise makes a big deal about them picking you up but Hertz does as well and additionally they do car seats where Enterprise told me they needed a 24 hour lead time before they could do it and even at that it was handled by another company. So two thumbs up to Hertz from me. After all this I finally get to work at around 10:30 in the morning.

So I start calling the insurance company, State Farm, and start the ball rolling on the claim. Finally get to talk to some people that actually act like they care about me as a person and not just a source of income. After answering all the questions and getting all the information I need he asks about a rental car. I inform him that I already acquired one. He then asks me through who and what their number is. I give him the information and he then tells me that HE will call the rental company and HE will get the bill transferred over to State Farm to be paid for!! Finally an insurance company that will help me by doing some of the work and not just placing it all at my feet. Another two thumbs up this time for State Farm.

I continue my day at work trying to keep myself busy as to not think about everything that has happened this weekend. I am about to leave for the day when I get a call from Metro PD saying that they found my car!! Oddly enough they find it less then two miles from the house!! I am so excited yet at the same time I am not sure exactly what to do. I tell them to go ahead and tow the vehicle as it isn’t drivable anyway since the ignition was popped. I start home with the plan of driving by where they found the car to see if I can happen to get a look at it. I get there just as the tow truck is getting ready to leave. I get a look at the car only in passing and see that it is in great shape and appears to have little or no damage.

To bring this to an end for now, I need to get some time today to head over to the tow yard to find out the extent of the damage to my vehicle. Then I will need to get the car towed over to a repair shop to get the ignition repaired. Once that is done then I will get my car back!! Additionally I get to keep the rental until such time that the repair work on my car is complete.

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