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Lexi was having a great riding lesson yesterday morning. She had finished warming up and was about to start some course work with some jumps. Unfortunately, Monte (the horse) had other plans.

One thing for sure is Lexi is tough as nails.  Here she is, back on Monte, just 10 minutes later.  She was a little sore and not quite up to continuing her jumping lesson.  Her trainer completely understood and let her just hack with Monte for the final 10 minutes of her lesson time.  Mostly just walk and trot.  Cantering was a little to much to ask.

She’s as tough as she is sweet, and not one to hold a grudge.  Grabbed a quick shot of her and Monte at the end of her hack time.

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  1. Grandpa Grandpa

    Hi Lexi,
    There is a comedy movie from 1974 where a cowboy punches a horse in the face and the horse is knocked out. That’s what I think Monte deserves. Just kidding! That happened to me once. I was riding a pretty wild horse (KILLER UTAH) through a pasture and all of a sudden he just stopped. I was thrown off and kicked in the stomach before I landed. The reason Utah stopped was that he knew there was a fence right there. The fence had actually been taken down that morning…but he didn’t know that. Why did Monte all of a sudden stop? This wasn’t new for him. Anyway, I’m glad you are alright. I’m also glad to see you got right back on. You go girl!
    I love you ,

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