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First Homecoming

High school opens up parents to entirely new cans of worms. One of these is dances, or in this case specifically homecoming.

It isn’t surprising that Lexi has already caught a boy’s eye. She’s an amazing kid with an amazing personality, sense of humor, and looks to back it all up.

After catching this boy it wasn’t too much later that the two of them started making homecoming plans. Of course this meant a dress for the occasion. Lexi had done some shopping online for a dress but the one she wanted we weren’t comfortable with ordering sight unseen online. We weren’t even 100% certain of her size for heaven’s sake.

Instead of going through with a purchase we might regret we decided to go dress shopping a couple weekends back. Many of you may not know this but Lexi hates shopping, but this turned out to be one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences I think we’ve ever had. She let me take pictures of her in each and every dress even if it was one we all knew she would never wear. The pink one features above is one such dress.

After about 30 minutes of modeling she came out and had decided on which one she wanted. Won’t spoil it here in hopes of getting pictures of her in it the night of.

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  1. gma gma

    No pants I’m hoping and maybe some fancy flats. She looks adorable in all of them. Homecoming already? I thought that was junior or senior high.

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