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Spring Break 2018, Day 6

A nice handful of shots. One from last night hanging around the campfire working on dinner. The other from this morning before a quick hike/walk around Stout Grove. Wanted to do the hike out to Boy Scout Tree but I think it is a little much for these guys, there was difficulty parking, and mud…mud everywhere. And a nice set from a walk up Walker Road and then back along Leiffer Trail.

Everyone hanging out enjoying the fire and working on dog hots.
Quick pic at the Stout Grove trail head.
Little bridge that crosses some unknown creek.
Everyone checking out another banana slug.
There he is!!
Long long walk. Longest walk I made them do the entire trip.
At the northern start of Leiffer Trail along Walker Road.
Kids scrambling over a fallen redwood.
Another bridge!
This was a HUGE stump! You can see part of the fallen tree to the right.
Another banana slug. Total sittings this trip: 10. Alysha had quite the eye out for them.
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