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Spring Break 2018, Day 5, Part 1

The kids actually wanted me to get them up early enough to make the long drive down to Avenue of the Giants. So we were up and on the road early for the beautiful drive. Towards the end of the drive we did a quick 2.5 mile hike along the Drury-Chaney Trail.

At the trailhead ready to go.
And away we go!
All wearing gray hoodies.
Taking a quick break while waiting for me to finish taking some pics.
Mamma Mia that’s a big roota ball!
One of two bridges along the trail.
2nd of two bridges.
Awwwwwww aren’t they cute?!
I think this is the same root that Lexi and I took a pic of with outstretched arms several years ago.
This spot is one of the reasons I was happy to make the drive for this hike.
Huge stump with some cool clover growing along the top.
Alysha almost stepped on the little guy!! That’s a banana slug that they’re checking out. One wanted to pet it, another wanted to kill it, and the others were indifferent.
Another spot that Lexi and I have photographed before so I had to get a group shot.
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