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The Internet is Alive!!!

I am convinced the Internet is a living breathing being. And as such it is trying to kill me. Having a high speed connection only makes the pain worse. It never fails I get home at night convinced that I am going to bed early only to get on the infernal computer and stay up past 11. I mean the things I am doing online are just completely ridiculous. Last night I was downloading some ebooks that have to with everything Microsoft, from Visual C to Excel 2000.

Well after getting everything setup yesterday seems I got a couple of you all setup and receiving me correctly. Now for some answers to your questions.

Stace – Yeah I have been moved for almost 2 months now. We arrived around February 18 and Donella flew back to Midland on February 21st or 22nd I don’t recall. My first day at my new job was February 27th. And yes I am enjoying the city immensely when I get a chance to enjoy it. With only Lexi and I, I don’t get much opportunity to get out and do things. Mostly just work, home, and sleep.

Ash – Loving the new place. It is a lot smaller then the old place but it is just perfect size for Lexi and I.

So that sums up my first blog entry. I am hoping to make regular comments and regular picture posts and if I get the time I hope to upload a video or two as well.

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