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I Wonder if This Thing Still Works

I’m looking at the last time I put a post on here and it is dated December 9, 2010. To make matters worse it is describing an event that occurred in May of the previous year. By my math that would make it near on 3 years since I’ve had anything significant to add to this blog. I’m hoping to change that.

Some of you may, and some of you may not, know that I have recently started getting into photography pretty heavy. I have some new equipment that I have been playing with and I’m trying to get dedicated to it. As such I have finally registered my own domain name,, which will be used for my personal and professional blog. I also registered which will be used for everything photography related.

At this time though I’m still not ready to completely break the ties with Blogger. I really like the platform and find it really easy to use. The only other real option is WordPress and quite frankly I find it intimidating. To make matters worse I’ve had a hard time finding a WordPress template that I really like. Adding insult to injury the only templates that I do find I like all have a price tag associated with them. So for now I’m keeping the personal and family stuff here on and will launch my photography stuff on in the future.

In the mean time here is a little taste and teaser, hopefully, of things to come.

(click to view larger)

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